Back from hiatus, Hello Again!

I had to go away for a while.

However, i realized that writing and wordpressing is a distinct fun. Couldn’t find any alternative.
So, here i am, writing again and saying hi, again.



In Praise of Rockstar’s Genius

Themes, are elements which define a meaning, a significance.

Artists have always tried to convey certain meanings through various schemes. Some tell ironic stories to emphasize a theme, some use cinematography, some photography, some music and some use a juxtapose of all this.

Rockstar Games, the famous and beloved video-game company, did a great job back in 2008 in it’s well-known video-game Grand Theft Auto IV. It used a stunning loading sequence which makes the experience exciting.

Nikko Belic. The protagonist.
This image emphasizes that he’s a man of action, not just words, and he is.

In the loading sequence, major characters with their unique expressions show up which helps distinguishing their personality, all this alongside Micheal Hunter’s great piece of music, the “Soviet Connection”.

Sure this image is a bit disturbing, but it has a meaning. And that is, the world is full of  various and different people. One is tough, other one is weak, one is straight, other one is gay; one’s an annoying talker, the other a wise talker. All sorts of people i mean!

Since i’m in some phase in my life and i’ve met a couple of new characters around, when i try to
re-imagine theme in such fashion it’s just a big damn feeling. I believe that’s art, what Rockstar did. It sure is a great kind of way to introduce the atmosphere to the audience. Long Live Rockstar!

Typical eyecandy for almost every GTA. I believe that these expressions serve a great purpose instead of being something lewd.

There’s also an erotic portray of some girl on every GTA advertising. I believe it helps demonstrating Grand Theft Auto’s perception on  the world, instead of just some “Sex in advertising” element and That sex is an important element of modern world and it does not deny it, That sex is widely associated with gangster life.

Check out the video below to watch the loading sequence.

Word on The Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman for me was a childhood idol somehow. I really wanted to be him. To have the spider-sense, to be as agile as him, and having a beautiful Mary Jane, which i had, was all i cherished that time. I really thought that my life and that of Peter Parker’s were really similar. ( Hopefully my parents are living and healthy!)

So, i spent a childhood with this character. The videogames, movies, toys… all of them shaped my childhood in a spidey like kind of way.

But now, hopefully, i understand that it’s just fiction and all (and what a lovely fantasy!). My views towards the world are different and i don’t believe in spidey-sense or agility or any Mary Jane around. So, i’m writing this “Word on…” as a tribute to my childhood.

“Power Brings Responsibility”.

Back in 2001 when the Original Spiderman released, it was an eyecandy to see spidey swingin’ in the sky of Newyork in a damn breathtaking fashion. Sam Raimi, the director, sure did a good job with all of the “Original Trilogy” Spiderman though, the first and second entries were better than the third. Anyway, Now we have Marc Webb, director of 500 Days of Summer, behind the camera.

Character development and realism were two factors which the Original Trilogy was weak at. Sure, the Danny Elfman score defined a famous tone for Spiderman, but no matter what Spiderman was, now we have a better one. It’s convincing(For the most part), does a better job in portraying a troubled boy and has a much more defined and gentle villian. I call the villian “more defined” not because he’s that much developed in Spiderman comics, but in The Amazing Spiderman movie.

This time, Spiderman while swings shouts, Whoohoos, and feels more alive than ever. The story too, has a moral value, not that the Original Trilogy did’t possess such attribute. It’ just, The Amazing Spiderman’s protagonist and antagonist are caught in the conflict of “Doing the Right Thing”. That’s, for me something which is an absolute pleasure to see and here about.

Spiderman’s caught. All hope is lost.

The odd thing i noticed here is how Peter Parker is careless about his identity. Sure, he doesn’t cry out loud “I’m Spiderman!!”
But nontheless, he gives in, tells a few people about his alter ego. Another odd thing is, Peter sending Gwen to do some errands for him somewhere around the end of the movie.
Watching Sci-Fi sure is about tolerance since not all writer’s are scientists and not all stories are meant to be scientific. However, there are some little things about The Amazing… that are out of reality bounds which i mark as tolerable and skip.

I personally loved how the movie portrays Peter Parker and relates him to it’s villian.  Rhys Ifans’s way of portraying the troubled  Dr.Connors is one of the main points i like about The Amazing… . All actors do a great job portraying their charcters though, this is not a movie which is defined by it’s acts.

The film for the most part is entertaining and convincing. It’s a good movie to watch. Marc Webb sure did a good job rebooting such a popular series. Hope the second entry will be as good as this one, or even better!

Chambao or The Music I Don’t Understand a Word from but Love Nonetheless

Chambao or The Music I Don't Understand a Word from but Love Nonetheless

There’s this spanish electronic-folk group named Chambao which i cherish.

I personaly love spanish folk. It’s way of expressing feelings, especially love is genuine. I’ve never seen anything like it.
For example, there’s this nice piece of music which is part of the soundtrack of Woody Allen’s Vicki Cristina Barcelona. It’s a major love-theme of the film. I went searching for it and found out that it is “Entre Dos Aguas” by Paco de Lucia.

Anyways, Chambao’s distinct sound lays heavily on it’s frontwoman -Lamari’s-  terrific voice and way of singing. This, combined with a well realised mixture of electronic music and spanish folk, make up for genuine musical journey. A calm journey thorugh the sunny days of barcelona.

For an inroduction to Chambao, i recommend listnening to “Lo bueno y lo malo”:

Word on Cloud Atlas

Ethics and Moral Codes emphasize an act’s consequence as a major feature of their existence.
It is human’s nature to seek for significance and importance around his environment. It’s only through this process that sciences and philosophies are discovered and conceived.

Cloud Atlas. A novel by David Mitchell.

The 2004  British Book Awards winner, Cloud atlas, by David Mitchell is an Epic-SciFi novel which covers a wide range of history in it only to serve one point. That action do have a consequence no matter how small. There’s also a belief of Reincarnation flowing through the spirit of the book to stress this point further, since Reincarnation sets good ground for this moral perspective.

Years pass, things change and the famous Wachovsky Duo come around for another philosophy-charged movie of their own.
Their 1999 “The Matrix” set a pretty decent ground for expressing their muses and thoughts. It’s only through Matrix that people can recognize their intellect and talent. Therefore, i believe that directing Cloud Atlas by Wachovskys is surely a great happening since they have demonstrated their take on moral-philosophical matters while getting  juxtaposed into Sci-Fi. They know the drill.

It’s Epic, in literal sense.

Cloud Atlas is a set of stories which are interconnected. There’s a man living in the time of slavery, a man in future china, a woman in 70’s and a couple of other characters in different timelines which have a connection.

Some stories do possess significance while one of them i think is a bit irrelevant. For example, the story of the old man – as i understand – has no major connection to other stories from a moral viewpoint. But, others like the story of the “Fabricant” Sonmi, is significant since it is the major platform for two other timelines.

Another point which i would like to discuss is the make-up that actors wear on Cloud Atlas. It’s one of the best i’ve ever seen.
They take Keith David and turn him in to an Asian one. Magnificent!

A beautiful scene. Hae-Joo pushes sonmi off the bridge then takes her hand to form a magnificent manuever!

A beautiful scene. Hae-Joo pushes sonmi off the bridge then takes her hand to form a magnificent manuever!

Cloud Atlas sure is one of the best movies of 2012. Too bad the Oscars didn’t notice it. I don’t understand the reason it wasn’t nominated anything. The Way it discusses moral consequences is one that is unique and amazing. It shows the flow of actions through time and space. It feels big and talks big.
Watching it for everyone enjoying   the theme of moral dilemmas is a certain pleasure for sure.

The moment we realize we’ve witnessed a great story – Part II

So, with the part II of the aforementioned moments, i’d like to change the direction a bit and turn to a different genre of movies, something other than Sci-Fi or Contemporary Crime.

Movies usually don’t affect me. When everybody cries, i don’t. I’m not saying that i’m tough or made of iron. The thing is, not many stories have the power to manipulate your senses and make you laugh and cry. But, there’s this one movie which did affect me.
It made me cry. So, my iron fort clashed and i realised that Pedro Almodovar is a genius.

A lovely character. Characters don’t usually possess such value. Alomodovar lures you into caring for his charcters!

Talk to Her, is a honest tale of two men. Two responsible and loving men who’s lives are interwoven into each other because of the coma state of the ones they love but didn’t have the time to express.

I can’t express my love for this movie more than this. ( words don’t carry more! )

A theme of faithfulness.

The life of the beloved and respected musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is the main story of my beloved director Milos Forman.
In Amadeus, forman portrays the man as a person free of social conventions, he’s mad just as it’s slogan says ” The Man. The Music. The Madness…”

The Man…The Music…The Madness…The Murder…The Motion Picture…

The great moment for me was when the salieri first comes to Mozart and gives the contract for a requiem. The music here is killing.
Made tears stack up in my eyes.

The thing about Amadeus is Mozart’s mad portryal, which i think is good to see since it supports the idea that genius artists usually are a bit mad; It’s their madness that fuels their creativity.

Salieri and Mozart while writing the famous Requiem.

Since this last entry of this part of great moments, i’d like  to end it with a story that marks the ends of one of it’s characters.

To me The Godfather Part II is way above the originial Godfather. Not that the older brother is bad but i like Part II more.

Godfather Part II’s poster shows Micheal Corleone as a man of power. I call this a good design. Minimal.

The moment for me was when the consigliere, Tom Hagen, goes to Frank Penttangenli to tell him that he’s “retired”.
Then the two talk about emperors and their conspirators and how when a conspiracy went wrong, they would have been dealt with; That they went home and killed themselves with cutting their veins. And their families were taken care of.
With such scheme, Tom Hagen is telling the old man that it’s time to retire and say goodbye, reasurring him that his legacy will be taken care of. Lovely.

-When a plot against the Emperor failed… the plotters were always given a chance… to let their families keep their fortunes. Right?
– Yeah, but only the rich guys, Tom. The little guys got knocked off and all their estates went to the Emperors. Unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families… the families were taken care of.
– That was a good break. A nice deal.
– Yeah… They went home… and sat in a hot bath… opened up their veins… and bled to death… and sometimes they had a little party before they did it.